I just purchased an eCode deal. How do I use it?

Congrats on snagging a great deal! An instruction email is waiting for you in your inbox! 

In a nutshell here's how it works. Let's use an example offer "$5 for $10 eCode at Target.com."

You pay $5 to purchase a $10 eCode.....Immediately after purchase, we place $10 in your Butterfly account. Simply add Butterfly to your desktop Google Chrome browser and start the fun: buy $40 online at Target.com, click the small Butterfly icon on the top-right corner of your browser then click "Save Money" during checkout, then get $10 back via PayPal or other methods a few days after your order. So you pay $5 to get $10! Sweet!

Of course, we have lots of online stores you can choose from! Let the savings roll!

Nice 'n easy!

Simply follow these steps to redeem your eCode... 

1. Get on your computer or laptop! Using your Google Chrome Browser, click here to add the Butterfly Button for free! (Don't have Chrome? Get it free here

Butterfly Chrome Extension

2. Shop online at the retailer! 

3. Click the small Butterfly icon on the top-right corner of your browser, then click the Save Money button when it appears on the retailer's site (in the lower-left corner of your page).

4. Complete a purchase of $40 or more. 

5. Yay! Your cash is available in Butterfly! (within a few days, as soon as the retailer confirms your order). Get your cash in PayPal (fastest!), ole' fashioned check, or carrier pigeon!

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